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‘Bodey tones down excitement and shares the floor with toddlers.’

“I can’t thank Stacy and Pawsitive Focus enough for her help with my pups. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants kind, consistent support training the furry members of your family. Stacy worked with me several years ago to train my new Cocker Spaniel puppy. We worked specifically on getting him and my doodle to calmly walk together and load/unload from vehicles.  Stacy also got them to wait at doors rather than bolting out. All of the skills made life with 2 very different dogs so much more manageable. This year Stacy and I were able to Zoom train my new Goldendoodle puppy. My Cocker Spaniel is now the “senior” dog – and a very large puppy can be just too much for him! Stacy taught me the skills and gave me the tools to get the puppy to “leave him,” tone down over excitement with a replacement toy, and share the floor with toddlers! Stacy and Pawsitive focus always emphasize positive, loving ways to help pups make good decisions. She also always follows up with excellent feedback and reminders from sessions. When they know expectations, pups really want to please. Thank you so much Stacy.” -Terri D., League City,...

‘It made a world of difference for our visitors. Now people want to come over and see the dogs.’

“Stacy was incredibly helpful in getting our dogs trained. We have a year old basset hound and a 2 year old bulldog, and we were lost trying to get them to listen to us. When people would visit, our chunky little basset hound, and our 75 pound bulldog would get excited and jump all over guests and just be incredibly rambunctious in general. After 5 sessions, we were amazed at the amount of discipline they showed like two little soldiers who wouldn’t move unless we told them to when guests came over. Our friends and family were absolutely floored by the progress, and couldn’t believe that these were the same two dogs. I highly recommend having her help train your pups, because it has made a world of a difference for us!” -Jed J., Olive Branch,...

‘Hunter knows place and we can walk him!’

“My family and I signed up for Pawsitive Focus 5stop.  Stacy was great with making sure my children were involved with our new puppy Hunter’s training.  She helped guide us on lots of things we were struggling with. Our two main concerns were working on loose leash walking and teaching place.  Stacy was able to walk us through the steps together and know how to react in different situations. We definitely saw a difference with each training session.  We will  use all the tools and tips that we learned through our sessions each day as we continue to work with Hunter!” -Angie T., Southaven,...

Pawsitive Focus Southaven, MS training video!

Pawsitive Focus provides In-Home Dog Training in Southaven, Olive Branch, and Hernando, MS areas only starting October 2020. We can train virtual if you’re in or out of the area. We have previously trained in Dallas, TX – Jacksonville, NC – Houston, TX – Raleigh, NC. Call now Southaven, MS...

Mia will remain mine!

‘…I’m thankful for your experiences that helped us try different theories until it worked for us.’

Beau listens and a gentle touch!

‘Stacy has a very good sense of what training is needed just by watching Beau interact with us; and at each session she trained him on one or more actions.’

Ellie May relaxes on walks

‘Stacy always came prepared with a variety of suggestions/ techniques to help with specific behavior issues.’

Hank now Easy to Handle

“She was very knowledgeable and honest about what we could accomplish with her services and where to go if we chose to broaden our skill set.”

Jase shares

“I have a clear plan to follow to continue to work on Jase’s training goals, but I think this picture sums up how far we’ve come.”

Lt. Fred – All about helping my owner. I’m a service dog.

“…she built her training not just on her expertise but also to be able to work with me as a service dog handler…Stacy has a gift for not just training dogs, but helping dog owners be patient and diligent in the efforts needed to succeed.”

Misty, Brandi & Kobi take on the world

“…Kobi at 10 months old lacked social skills. He was scared of people and loud noise. Week 1 he wouldn’t go out my front door. Week 5 he was walking the streets with me.”

Romeo Refresher – Service Dog

“..his focus turned to “who is going to pet me” instead of “I’m working, what does my owner need”. Now Romeo’s focus is on me.”

Scarlett Comes when it Matters Most

“…she got confused and ran out the front door. I called her back and instead of running towards the highway like she did before her training, she came back.”


“Creole gets compliments where ever we go, from the vet to parks to friends houses.”


“…from constantly barking at the neighbors in their yards to minding me…”


“…immediately turned and faced me…”


“…wait by the door…walk calmly…”


“We were given the tools to work with Red, breaking each step down, so we could do them even without Stacy.”


“…What can I say about this training?…AMAZING!!…”


“… I cannot say enough good things about Stacy’s approach to positively encourage the house training…”


“…Thanks for all your hard work with Remy. She has learned so much and I have really enjoyed working with you!…”


“…Daisy was so good tonight, staying back while we gave candy to trick or treaters. She didn’t bark at them or jump up when they wanted to pet her. Thank you!…”

Baby Macy

“…at 4 months old she was no longer cute but a furry handful out of control! My Vet suggested a dog trainer for behavior control when she snapped at him during a visit…”


I thought I was never going to be able to walk my two dogs at the same time. My young lab, Honey, quickly became stronger than me and was more interested in pulling than walking. She also kept trying to trample my 10 year old cocker spaniel, Cassie. With guidance from Stacy, I was finally able to walk my two dogs on a leash this past Sunday without being embarrassed and most importantly, without hurting my wrists or Cassie! We are so blessed to have Stacy With PAWSITIVE FOCUS in our lives. I wish I would’ve invested our time sooner:-) Thank you Stacy!!! Victor, Cecilia, Cassie, & Honey B., Pearland,...


“…She walked on her leash — just using her collar pretty well … I was shocked!! We took her to Home Depot and Lowe’s on Saturday and I thought she’d choke herself to death!! But, Sunday she was a different dog…”


“…Everybody who knew Jetta before the training was just AMAZED at her “transformation”!”

Kew and Zee

“…When you have two large dogs, you need to be confident and in control, I was neither…Now that the boys have manners we have been welcomed into the homes of friends and family… It is such a great relief, to me (and my wallet) to be able to travel together instead of trying to find a dog sitter, kennel, or boarding facility…”

Shannon and Sportster

“…Whoever said ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ hasn’t met Stacy of PAWSITIVE FOCUS. She is amazing and has done wonders with Shannon and Sportster (both of them are in the 9-12 yr range)…”


“…We rescued Bella…she had great difficulty walking, suffered from separation anxiety, did not know commands and peed in the house…Bella has really come a long way and with the skills Stacy taught us she will only continue to move in a Pawstive direction for sure. Thank you Stacy…we all miss you!…”

Ricki and Hailey

“…I wanted someone to come into our home and work with each of our dogs unique personalities… Pawsitive Focus was recommended to us by our local veterinarian…I am so grateful to Stacy for everything she has done for Ricki and Hailey!!!!…”

Maggie and Bailey

“…With your help, I have gained so much confidence in myself and in Maggie and Bailey. It’s pretty amazing what just five short weeks can do for you and your dog…”


“…We contacted Stacy when our boxer became destructive when left alone…She not only taught us how to train Dexter but also explained things to us so that we could understand Dexter’s behavior and how to correct problems with it…”


“…I have a 4-year-old male boxer, named Bobo that I wanted to make a therapy dog…I hired her to fine-tune him and that’s exactly what she did. Bobo went on and obtained his Good Canine Citizenship as well as his Therapy Dog/Service Dog license…”


“…for the first time ever I got a 6 week old Maltipoo. … I cried every day wondering what I had done. I was searching on the internet trying to find someone to help me and Lilly get along and for her to learn some rules, manners, and safety rules for the both of us. …What a blessing she has been…We both have learned so much from just the 5 classes we took it’s simply amazing!…”


“…Over the five-week course, despite some ugly Eastern North Carolina weather, we got exactly what, if not more than expected. Heeling, come, stay, down, calm down when greeting and even more now make it fun on walks and trips…”


“…What I like most about Stacy’s training is allowing the children to participate… By allowing children to partake in training classes, it enhances their ability to learn…”


“…One of the things we really appreciate about your training approach is your flexibility in applying different mechanisms to work with the family and the dog THAT FIT WITH OUR LIFESTYLE…”


“…After only 5 sessions with Stacy, Boomer is going in his crate without anxiety. This is a HUGE accomplishment for him! I know that I must continue to work with him daily but because of Stacy, I can leave him now and not worry…”


“We quickly realized that even though we are very experienced dog owners, we were in over our heads with this rambunctious puppy…She even worked our kids into the training sessions by letting them get involved and showing them how to behave around the puppy to help curb the ‘bad’ behaviors…”


“…We are able to take walks that are relaxing and enjoyable, where as before we were the ones that Bear was walking/running…We are grateful that you have been able to provide us with the knowledge and skills to help make our Bear the best dog that he can be…”


“…The response from your training was literally instantaneous…it was like instant bonding for my dog and I..I don’t know if anyone can really imagine that after one session and learning to teach your dog to walk properly, that it will entirely change the relationship you have with your dog – for both of you – in a positive manner…”


“…I opened my front door and my dog BOLTED outside, right into the street! I almost had a heart attack….Now opening the door is no issue at all…I have referred her to several other happy clients and will certainly continue to refer her…!”

Maggie Mae

“…I had never trained a dog before, but you were wonderfully encouraging to me. When you found out I wanted to use Maggie Mae to visit retirement homes, you arranged for us do our training sessions at one in Frisco so we were able to train and visit at the same time. What a great idea…”


“…when I contacted you originally, I had a red-zone 5 1/2 month standard poodle…I had been bitten at least once a day since his arrival at 8 weeks….No one could believe how easily you got him to respond…I really don’t know what I would have done without you…”


“…Stacy has an incredible, gentle and warm way with animals and is there, not only to work with the animals, but with the owners as well. We needed to know what to do just as much as our pet. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their pet’s behavior…”


“…we decided to rescue a 6 month old German shepherd and had no idea of how to train an inside “BIG” dog. Duke is now 1 yr old and approximately 110+ lbs and with Stacy’s training, we have adapted successfully!…”


“…BEFORE Stacy, opening the door to a guest was a ‘contact sport.’ AFTER working with Stacy, we are able to greet guests without Casper knocking them down with the traditional ‘golden greeting.’…Stacy made the training easy and even fun, taking a great deal of the stress out of the process…”


“…Your insight and teaching have been so helpful with us and our children in dealing with a young female lab. I believe it has helped us transition her into our family quicker and with less stress on her and us!…”


“…After Niko was bit by a Pit Bull over 2 years ago, we had to really consider giving him away or putting him down, due to his behavior changes. Upon recommendation from our Veterinarian we called you…After the 2nd visit of training you modified Niko’s behavior…you gave us back our dog…”

Cosmo and Murphy

“…Stacy is an excellent trainer. Cosmo and Murphy get so excited when they see her. Alec, her beagle, also helped with training and got along great with them too! Stacy truly loves animals. She is very reliable and trustworthy…”