Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQ for some very helpful information! Pawsitive Focus is excited to be in the Southaven, MS area. Let's get you help! Call 910.333.4161.

Why in-home sessions?

Why-in-home-blurbPawsitive Focus understands your dog spends about 90% of its life in and about your home. Having fun while playing games (training) teaches your dog to listen and learn in his natural environment. We work together to decrease or eliminate the negative behaviors you are dealing with daily: chewing on the wood work, barking and bolting out the door, not coming back, stealing socks and toys, and jumping on people. We work together so commands are ONE TIME successes. Your dog is now learning what to do and how to make you happy. This makes your dog happy. Safety commands like ‘come’ & ‘sit’ are practiced in real life situations.

What makes Pawsitive Focus' private sessions effective?

sq-BearOur sessions are directed by your goals. With weekly sessions, you stay atop new behaviors that would be considered challenging with hands-on training. People are busy with work, families, and activities; private training allows for flexibility in our training schedule. The goal is to have the sessions be scheduled for the same day and time each week. The 10 Session Training Obedience Program (10STOP) should be completed within 11 weeks. The 5 Session Training Obedience Program (5STOP) should be completed within 6 weeks. Practicing commands, staying consistent, and having fun are keys to your success.  Click here to view a video all about our training>>

What if I have questions after a session?

FAQ-blurbAccessibility and service to you is of utmost importance to Pawsitive Focus. If you have a session on Tuesday, and a question arises or you want to share a celebration story come Wednesday, Thursday, or the rest of the week; you are encouraged to call, email, text, or Facebook me. My goal is to return your call within two hours. Working together, we can refocus training and you can have fun and progress through to your goals. Mid-week updates from you are suggested to accelerate training.

What area does Pawsitive Focus service?

Pawsitive Focus provides in-home training to the Southaven, MS area including Southaven, Olive Branch, and Hernando.  Other areas pending availability.

Virtual sessions are offered nationally.


Can my kids be involved?

1-PSF-SAbsolutely! Pawsitive Focus’ in-home training sessions encourage kids (5 years +) to be involved in our training. Being a part of the training teaches them problem-solving skills and also promotes responsible pet ownership. Parents sometimes start training and then add in the kids in future sessions. It’s your program.

How long have you been training dogs?

Pawsitive Focus LLC began in February 2007 training puppies and dogs using fun techniques.

How many dogs has Pawsitive Focus trained?

Over 700 dogs have been trained to have long, healthy lives and relationships with their owners and the public.

Do you train any breed?

Yes, Pawsitive Focus doesn’t discriminate by breed. Private training sessions have included Tea-cup Chihuahuas to Saint Bernards.

What type of training do you provide?

Positive Reinforcement techniques are used. Tailored to your needs, a reward can have many meanings. And corrections may be just ignoring your dog. Each dog is different.  Call me to ask specific questions.

When should we start training?

Once you decide on a puppy or dog, it is suggested to go ahead and call and set up training prior to bringing the puppy/dog home. Pre-planning brings success as Pawsitive Focus can help you with providing you a Puppy Preparation list. A couple of days are sufficient for you to bond and get to know your dog before I come help you.

Can you help my 7 year old dog?

Older dogs can learn new commands and decrease negative behaviors. Our techniques help them learn as early as 5 weeks and up to 14 years. Start now and create a peace of mind.

How can Pawsitive Focus help me? I just moved to the area or I’m going to be moving soon.

Showing you have to train your dog to have confidence in you and in your actions help them with adapting. Our time together will give you problem-solving skills to make it fun to explore new areas! Clients have made successful moves to Hawaii, Korea, and across the continental United Sates.

Do programs vary if I live in a home with a backyard, an apartment, a high-rise or different area of town?

Each program is customized to meet your goals. Pawsitive Focus provides wonderful tips and suggestions for people who live all over the Houston area. Seeing PAWSitives in our environment creates awesome customized training opportunities for everyone.

I’m ready to get a 2nd dog. Can Pawsitive Focus help me either get my current dog trained or train both of them at the same time?

Depending on the challenges you are currently experiencing, you may choose to get the first dog trained, and then add the second dog to your home. Multiple dog discounts are offered if you want to train them at the same time.

How do I know it’s the right time to take my dog to dog park to socialize?

Although dog parks can be wonderful places, it’s not the place to take an unsocialized dog. Teaching a dog how to meet other dogs and be handled by people requires patience and time. Each dog is different and we can start to evaluate your concerns in our FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

Who are you really training?

Pawsitive Focus provides hands-on training for both the human(s) and dog(s).  All get to learn a new way to communicate that’s fun and effective.  Safety for your family, dog, and your belongings are important so everyone is encouraged to participate.

How is Pawsitive Focus involved in communities?
  1. Provide Dog Safety courses for our schools. Educating children on how to interact with dogs creates opportunities for kids to explore correct approaches to meeting a dog.
  2. Volunteer for Dog Days at Dog Parks. Speak with pet owners and partner with Parks and Recreation and Animal Control to help increase responsible dog ownership.
  3. Help local rescues/shelters in their adoptions and encouraging people to rescue.
  4. Yappy Hour events to promote community and fun. Home Owners Associations and community events are welcomed.
  5. Training partner with local rescues.
  6. Pawsitive Focus builds relationships with local businesses in order to take care of my client’s needs. From Veterinarians, Groomers, and Doggie Daycares, to Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Yogurt places; Pawsitive Focus wants to help.