Meet The Trainer!

Pawsitive Focus' very own Stacy Ramsdell. Pawsitive Focus is excited to be in the Southaven, MS area! Call 910.333.4161.

Get to know Stacy and how she knew it was a ‘gift from God’ to start Pawsitive Focus:

May of 1999, I chose my puppy, a beagle named Alec. I now had the pleasure and challenges of owning and training my own dog. He liked to bolt out the door, run away when I called him to ‘come’, steal my belongings, and jump on people to greet them. And since he’s a hunting dog breed, he’d get on the scent of a bunny or squirrel and pull so hard on the leash that I was scared for his safety. So I decided to do something about it! In 2006, I started preparation to become a full time Professional In-Home Dog Trainer focusing on Safety Obedience and Non-Aggressive Manners Training.  Since then, I have added Service and Therapy Dog Training Programs.

While attending Vet Tech School at Cedar Valley Community College, I studied animal behavior, physiology, anatomy, and care of pets. My dog training career started with an apprenticeship with K-9 Achievers. Hands-on training (up to 10 hours each day) for five months provided me time to learn what would be the foundations of my obedience programs. Alec, at seven years old, was trained during this time to perform at an Advanced Obedience level. A dog is never too old to learn.

Pawsitive Focus trained its first clients in February 2007, in the North Dallas, TX area. Our schedules become hectic and dog owners, LIKE YOU, need help. That’s likely why you’ve sought out a Professional In-Home Dog Trainer. Helping alleviate the fear and frustration with your pet is my vision. Using hands-on creative and customized in-home dog training, you now can experience life to the fullest with your family pet. Effective in-home dog training will enable you to learn quickly and you’ll have fun spending quality time with your dog. Each dog becomes an extension of my family!  We will work together “because your dog’s focus should be on you”. I look forward to helping you to create YOUR family dog. Safety. Peace of Mind.

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UPDATE!  Pawsitive Focus is proud to have partnered up with Give Us Paws back in Houston, a Prep Service Dog Trainer with Compass Key (formerly PAWS Training Centers) in the Jacksonville, NC area; where we help to prepare service dogs.   Now, Pawsitive Focus is looking to partner with other Service Dog trainers and Veterinarians in the Southaven, MS areas.  It’s a blessing to serve in this effort!