“Rick and I are truly so grateful for your expertise training of our new German Shepherd dog, Duke. After being the owners of a small beagle for 16 yrs and his loss in May 2007. September 2007, we decided to rescue a 6 month old German shepherd and had no idea of how to train an inside “BIG” dog. Duke is now 1 yr old and approximately 110+ lbs and with Stacy’s training, we have adapted successfully! Duke is still being crate trained during the day as he’s got a lot of “puppy” in him yet! Stacy has a love for animals and they feel her love and calmness in her training methods. Duke does very well now with sit, stay, down, come and leash trained for walking. Stacy’s beagle, Alec also helped on a few training sessions for socializing and they’re so cute together (little dog/big dog!). Stacy and Alec will be pet sitting for us when we take a vacation and we feel very comfortable with her here as we feel like we’ve known her a very long time. We know Duke will have the best of care and have all of her love and tenderness. We would highly recommend Stacy & Alec to anyone. She’s absolutely wonderful! “

Rick and Rose, Plano, TX

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