“When we decided to get a rescue dog, we wanted a dog that was already housebroken thinking this would make our lives much easier! Well, we didn’t factor in that a dog who has already learned to be housebroken could also have already learned other ‘negative’ behaviors! We fell in love with and brought home a 2 year old black lab mix. Let me just say that in the grand scheme of things, he was a good dog to start with but he did have a few quirks!! After a month, we enrolled him in basic training at PetSmart. He learned the basics- sit, down, stay and had some great social time. He was a star pupil. However, what they couldn’t seem to help us with nor any of the numerous books and websites I consulted was his separation anxiety. He refused to go inside his crate and barked incessantly if we managed to get him coaxed in. When left outside of the crate, he would destroy/eat anything he could. Due to the fact that I can’t stay at home 24/7- we needed help!! I found Stacy online and was impressed with her website and the testimonials included. I sent her an email and she called me the next day. She asked a lot of questions and offered suggestions over the phone which I LOVED! We met the next week and began training. My dog has learned so much with her. She totally tailors her program to fit your dog. Since Boomer already had his basic skills, she worked on more advanced skills with her primary focus being his crate/separation anxiety. After only 5 sessions with Stacy, Boomer is going in his crate without anxiety. This is a HUGE accomplishment for him! I know that I must continue to work with him daily but because of Stacy, I can leave him now and not worry. I highly recommend Stacy to anyone that is looking to improve their dog’s behavior or skills. She is gifted at what she does and is a true animal lover. We miss her!’

Cathy C., Swansboro, NC

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