“I just wanted to tell you thanks again for everything that you have taught us these past five weeks. It was great getting to know you and watch and learn from you. We may not have everything down perfect yet, BUT we will get there! With your help, I have gained so much confidence in myself and in Maggie and Bailey. It’s pretty amazing what just five short weeks can do for you and your dog. I can only imagine how much better they will be a few months down the road. I really hope to get a few more lessons in by the end of the year so I will definitely be in touch with you! I also wanted to let you know that I just couldn’t wait until the Howl-O-Ween event to take them to Petsmart. So Maggie and I took a little trip there tonight. It went so GREAT! I never thought I would be able to take one of my animals there without it be a big hassle or just flat out embarrassing! But, she did great. We walked around and sniffed other dogs and people. At first, she was very weary of the other dogs. But then, after a few minutes, and seeing and meeting more dogs; she was excited with her tail up and wagging. She even got down on all fours with her tail high and happily wagging. She initiated play with a hhuugggee German Shepherd. She sniffed when I let her and didn’t sniff when I didn’t allow her to. While we were at the checkout, (I rewarded her with a new bed lol) I put her in sit and she sat there very nicely for me even as people were coming and going. I must say I was a very proud mama! I feel like she was the best behaved dog in there. There were even dogs going through training while we were in there and they weren’t doing so well.  But my Mags was! Next test is taking Bailey boy tomorrow! Again thanks soo soo much!“

Valerie M., Jacksonville, NC

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