“Growing up my family has always had a family dog, at times two. When I moved away from home my husband and I decided to get our own “child”. His name is Ricki and he is a daschund. True to his breed he is very stubborn, but also very gentle, sensitive, and loving. He is now six years old. Eight months ago my husband and I decided to add to our family. Hailey is also a daschund and is a very playful and sweet little girl who loves to play with her big brother, but had some issues with separation anxiety. Now that we had two dogs in our home training them became a concern. You could say we now had double the love but also double the ‘trouble’. Hailey studied Ricki and imitated almost everything he did, good or bad. So, if Ricki barked so did Hailey. I decided that I really needed some help training them, but I didn’t want to take them to a group class. I wanted someone to come into our home and work with each of our dogs unique personalities. Just like people, no two dogs are alike. Pawsitive Focus was recommended to us by our local veterinarian. Stacy come into our home, listened to what our training needs were, and asked many questions about Ricki and Hailey and our family’s daily routines. She has a very gentle nature with our pets and they both loved her instantly. Stacy also had many unique ideas on how to train our two pups using positive reinforcement and praise. She also trained my husband and I on how to properly train our dogs! In five one hour training sessions our pups have learned so much from Stacy’s expertise and knowledge. I am so grateful to Stacy for everything she has done for Ricki and Hailey!!!!”

Carrie and Derrick R., Jacksonville, NC

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