“Hi Stacy! First of all, we just wanted to say thank you for your help last Friday. You were able to put a lot of things into perspective for us — and I want you to know my husband is not easily impressed by lots of people — he loved you!! He even liked that you were “bossy”. I liked that he remembered most of what you said and when I remind him he says — oh right. So thanks! Sunday’s test went great and she has been accepted into the Faithful Friends group! I was so surprised how she reacted to all three women who were there. She did everything they asked with little correction. She wasn’t fearful of the large black lab, the wheel chair or the crutches (that ended up falling almost on top of her — she didn’t even flinch!). She walked on her leash — just using her collar (which is what I decided to use) pretty well for one of the women. I was shocked!! We took her to Home Depot and Lowe’s on Saturday and I thought she’d choke herself to death!! But, Sunday she was a different dog. We practiced three times today and the last time was a trip to our mailbox down the street and around the corner. Even with a cement truck and several workers, she walked the entire way without pulling — loose leash walking! She is exhausted this evening from her practice today for sure. So, thank you!! Hope you have a really great week. Thanks so much again!”

“UPDATE:  Since you were so instrumental in helping me train her, I thought you’d like to know that she has been working with Faithful Friends for a month now. So far we have visited 4 different care centers and have spent 3 Fridays with a group of 60 kids at a day camp in Friendswood. She has done such a good job learning how to behave and everywhere I’ve taken her people just love her. Most of the people in the care centers (there are some that definitely want nothing to do with animals!) have severe memory problems and just seem to light up when we visit. Cassie seems to sense right away that she is special to them. Course, like any puppy, kids are excited to learn about them and play too. After the hour and a half we spend there, she and I are both pretty tired!!”

Cathy L., League City, TX

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