Summer-Time from a Dog’s Point-of-View

Hi everyone!  I’m Alec, a beagle!  Here are some tips to share with your families.


Stick to a routine – I like routine.  I know what’s going on and what’s expected of me at any given time.  Repetition helps me stay on top of my obedience and behavior issues.

Unleashed dogs a no-no – some people trust us way too much.  That’s until we catch a scent of another dog, squirrel, or sometimes the ice cream truck (That’s good stuff!  Yummy!).  And we’re off!  Think about my safety always.

Microchip – Please identify me in some way, so if I get lost; people can call you to come get me.  I’ve seen it before, no tags, no microchip, and no owner.  On your tag, include: Dog’s Name, Address, Phone Number, even the Vet’s Phone Number can be listed.  If going away on vacation, ensure the dog’s tag reflects a correct contact number.  My mom creates a tag reflecting the person’s contact information I stay with while she’s gone.  This way, the people who find me can call my caretaker and they can come and get me.

Make safety a priority.  Some pesticides on yards or chemicals in pools can be detrimental to my health and can result in my death.  If I have a pool, please make sure I know where the exit is so if I fall in, I can get out.

Exercise – Please walk me either early morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t at its highest intensity.  I get hot.  I have a lot of fur ya know.  Bring water for me to drink!

Relax & play with your dog! – Enjoy my company, your school’s out!  It’s a great time to put me through doggie school.  I love to play with my family.  They laugh and I cock my head from side to side.

Contributed by Stacy Ramsdell

Trainer Pawsitive Focus


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