“Stacy helped us train our black lab, Creole. We met Stacy when Creole was 4 months old. Creole is now 2 years old, well behaved and able to go wherever we go. Stacy taught us techniques and commands that worked for us and our pet from sit, down, come and stand (which has come in helpful with the vet). The thing we loved the most was Stacy came to our house to train Creole, she was also available during the week if we had training questions. Each week we were left with instructions and training exercise to work with Creole. Creole gets compliments where ever we go from the vet to parks to friends houses.

I have to tell you about these!

  • My dad was amazed as Creole stayedback at our back gate while I retrieved groceries. His response ‘WOW!’
  • Creole consistently comes no matter where we are: home, dog park, Colorado woods, and now in Alaska.
  • Our niece is always around. She’s on her bed, in her food, and helps to train her with her love for branches. Creole’s even temperament gives us the PEACE of Mind Stacy speaks about.”

    Greg & Linzay M., Pearland, TX

UPDATE: July 2017 we got to go to Alaska to visite Creole and her parents.  She was so polite and remembered her manners as we went for walks and talks.  She acclimated well to the cold and loved playing in the rivers.

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