“I rescued Dewey, a seven-year-old Bichon nine months ago. He is the sweetest little dog, usually calm with bouts of crazy obsessive ball playing, he loves children and other dogs, and is a great little companion.

Dewey had anxiety and accidents when left at home, left for brief times in the car, and with guests approaching him, and would pull on the leash on walks.

Stacy came to our house to help us. I think of her as the dog watcher. During training she would stand back and watch his reaction and make modifications. Stacy also had her work cut out training me to be the trainer…it looked so easy when she demonstrated! It was fun seeing our progress over the weeks and discovering some things that Dewey had learned in his past life that he just did instantly when asked! We are a work in progress and considering therapy dog training in the future.”

Mary K., Camp Lejeune, NC

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