Does your dog bowl?

I went bowling and when the bowling ball rushed down the lane and the pins went flying and made such a noise; it reminded me of the impact our puppies/dogs may have on us, our belongings and other people. Sometimes, it may be their tail sweeps across the coffee table and items go flying, or maybe the dog comes flying down the hallway and slides into the wall knocking knick knacks off a shelf?  No matter what it may be, training with Pawsitive Focus can help re-direct some of the ‘zoomies’ and ‘crazy energy’ times into fun games and actually help you in real life situations.

Pawsitive Focus can help you handle the tail bowling features of our four-legged buddies.  How?  We can work on boundaries and controlled commands to help encourage gentleness and slowed body movements.

I’ve had people call me to say their dog has trampled their kids, bolted out the door or has come back to them with such a rush of energy that they themselves have been knocked over.   Although a reliable come is necessary, a come with a sit is more acceptable to anyone, right?  Pawsitive Focus Professional can help reward a quick come, but end in the area in front of you with a sit, not touching you.  We can also help your dog react calmly when met not only in your home, but outside at your neighborhood park.

How nice is it to have the dog who lays down for kids to approach or have the home everyone wants to come over because your dog plays crazy/freeze tag?  These are some of the most talked about issues in dog training.  In the game of bowling you want strikes and a perfect score of 300!  In the game of life, you want a dog everyone will welcome and a PEACE of Mind.  Call me at 910.333.4161 to reserve your 5 or 10STOP program.

Ready to learn?  Let’s get started.

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