“I’ve worked with Stacy Ramsdell and Pawsitive Focus before with an older Great Dane who had no manners as he had never been a pet before I adopted him.  With several months of training, he became a wonderful house pet and went on to get his CGC at 10 years old.

So when I adopted a 2 year old Dane (Bugs) with little confidence and poor socialization, I knew some training sessions were in our future.  My timeline got pushed forward when Bugs showed some resource guarding and attacked my 12 y/o Dane.  Stacy worked with us to teach Bugs some basic manners and began work on socializing her.  We also worked to teach her that nothing “belonged” to her until I said it did.  Bugs wanted to learn and after 5 sessions she is solid with several of her basic commands and is working on loose leash walking and “come.”  She also is learning a rock solid “leave it” when I say so.  Bugs and my older dog now get along really well.
Stacy works only with positive reinforcement and my dogs have responded so well to that.  She truly shows that she loves working with the dogs and no challenge is too big. And, she gets as excited over their steps of progress as I do.
I have about 3 weeks of “homework” and then will do another round of classes with Stacy.  One day I hope to be able to take my frightened, insecure dog out to meet new situations confidently and if anyone can get us to that, it will be Stacy and Pawsitive Focus.”

Ann K., Jacksonville, NC

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