“Our dog, Romeo, was already trained to be a PTSD service dog; but I was having trouble with his focus and attention staying on me. So it was time for refresher training and we got in contact with Pawsitive Focus. Stacy worked with me on keeping his attention on me and helped me to figure out what I needed to do differently. Romeo had the knowledge of what to do, I just didn’t. Romeo is a lover and I was letting too many people pet him that he had come to expect it. So his focus turned to “who is going to pet me” instead of “I’m working, what does my owner need”. Now Romeo’s focus is on me. We have people come up and say that he is so in tuned that we are walking in sync. When I step he steps, when I stop he stops. We are working together and it’s all thanks to Stacy and Pawsitive Focus!”

Mike Y., Holly Ridge, NC

Pawsitive Focus is Semper Fi Fund approved to prepare dogs for Service Dog Training and complete refresher sessions.

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