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Stacy for inhome training

Our Story

In May 1999, Stacy welcomed Alec, her beloved beagle puppy, into her life. With Alec came the joys and challenges of dog ownership and training. Sound familiar? Alec had a habit of darting out the door, ignoring recall commands, pilfering items, and leaping on guests. His hound instincts made leash walks a tug-of-war, leaving Stacy worried for his safety.

Before diving into her passion for dogs, Stacy pursued finance and economics, even dabbling in veterinary studies. Drawing on her diverse background, she founded Pawsitive Focus, a successful dog training business, with her husband, a retired military member. Since training our first clients in February 2007, we’ve helped over 700 dogs and families!

Feeling overwhelmed with your busy schedule? Pawsitive Focus is here to help you make the most of your time with your furry friend. Together, we’ll tailor training to your goals, fostering a strong bond between you and your dog.

Our approach is hands-on, creative, and personalized, providing effective techniques you can quickly learn and enjoy practicing at home. Involving your kids in training not only instills respect for animals but also teaches problem-solving and safe interactions with dogs.

Stacy is passionate about spreading knowledge in the community. She’s led classes in schools and dog events, emphasizing proper dog greetings and owner consent for petting. Kids receive certificates at the end of our classes!

At Pawsitive Focus, we specialize in:

  • Introducing calm interactions with people and dogs
  • Establishing boundaries at doors
  • Walking your dog on a loose leash
  • Teaching safety obedience cues
  • Preparing your dog for a new baby
  • Substituting unwanted behaviors with desired ones

Let’s work together to ensure your dog’s focus is on you. Stacy can’t wait to help you create the perfect family dog!

Give Pawsitive Focus a call at 910.333.4161.

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