Stacy is a wonderful trainer.  She came to our home once a week to work with us and our Pomeranian, Latte.  Latte is our beautiful, 9 month old, spoiled, diva puppy!  Needless to say she wasn’t housebroken and she wouldn’t obey any commands.  The best thing about Stacy’s training is that she taught US how Latte would respond best to us and how positive reinforcement would get the best results.  I am very happy to say that we have been accident free in the house for 3 weeks!  Latte is still our diva baby but she is doing much better at listening to us and following commands. Thank you Stacy!!

All true!

PS:  We have taken away the crate and left the play pen.  She has been going out the dog door!  We have even started leaving her free in the sun room when we are gone for a few hours!  No chewing or accidents!”

Claire Z., Jacksonville, NC

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