“I can’t thank Stacy and Pawsitive Focus enough for her help with my pups. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants kind, consistent support training the furry members of your family. Stacy worked with me several years ago to train my new Cocker Spaniel puppy. We worked specifically on getting him and my doodle to calmly walk together and load/unload from vehicles. Stacy also got them to wait at doors rather than bolting out. All of the skills made life with 2 very different dogs so much more manageable. This year Stacy and I were able to Zoom train my new Goldendoodle puppy. My Cocker Spaniel is now the “senior” dog- and a very large puppy can be just too much for him! Stacy taught me the skills and gave me the tools to get the puppy to “leave him,” tone down over excitement with a replacement toy, and share the floor with toddlers! Stacy and Pawsitive focus always emphasize positive, loving ways to help pups make good decisions. She also always follows up with excellent feedback and reminders from sessions. When they know expectations, pups really want to please. Thank you so much Stacy.”

Terri D., Weatherford, TX – Virtual

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