“My husband and I share our lives with two glorious Golden Retrievers, Huckleberry (7) and Casper, now 4 years old. Previous to this “pair of brown loafers”, were two other goldens. I mention this to highlight the fact that we THOUGHT we knew how to talk to our dogs; to train them to be minimally obedient. Then we met Stacy with Pawsitive Focus. Stacy gave us words and ways to say the words properly that have made all the difference in the ways our dogs listen to us and respond. As an example, BEFORE Stacy, opening the door to a guest was a ‘contact sport.’ AFTER working with Stacy, we are able to greet guests without Casper knocking them down with the traditional ‘golden greeting.’ Stacy made the training easy and even fun, taking a great deal of the stress out of the process. I whole-heartedly encourage you to speak with Stacy, follow her proven method of training both you and your pet. And continue to use Stacy as a resource.”

Daphne L., Plano, TX

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