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Stacy for inhome training

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Meet Stacy, our seasoned Trainer/Owner. Since 1999, when she welcomed her beagle Alec, she’s been immersed in the world of dog ownership and training. Facing common issues like door bolting, leash pulling, and more, Stacy understands your struggles.

With a background in finance and economics, Stacy pursued her passion for dog training after an apprenticeship. Her business, Pawsitive Focus, has thrived for 16 years, with over 700 trained dogs and families.

Busy schedule? Pawsitive Focus maximizes your time with personalized, effective in-home training. Stacy’s educational efforts extend beyond training sessions, teaching dog etiquette in various community settings.

Specializing in calm introductions, leash manners, safety cues, and more, we prioritize building a strong bond between you and your dog. Contact us at 910.333.4161 to start your journey to harmonious dog ownership with Stacy’s guidance.

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