“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Maggie Mae’s training for her Canine Good Citizen Certificate. As you know she is a high energy little mite. She definitely had a bad case of popcorn butt (it would kept popping up). But, with your patience and knowledge she passed her test with flying colors. When we went to take her test at PetSmart I was so glad we had used you for her training. The class was full of large dogs and some were not that controlled even when they were going to take the test. With Maggie Mae only weighing five pounds it would have been intimating for her to be around all the big dogs before her training. We went in for her test very confident of our ability to perform the elements of the test. You were so great at following each required segment of the test. I had never trained a dog before, but you were wonderfully encouraging to me. When you found out I wanted to use Maggie Mae to visit retirement homes, you arranged for us do our training sessions at one in Frisco so we were able to train and visit at the same time. What a great idea. We continue to use all your lessons in our daily lives. What a pleasure to take a well behaved dog out in public or on a walk. She is so well behaved with the patients. Stacy, you went beyond the call of duty and you are a delight to spend time with. I readily recommend you to anyone who needs dog training. Your positive training is the BEST!!!”

Sherry L., Plano, TX

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