“One morning last year, I opened my front door and my dog Cooper BOLTED outside, right into the street! I almost had a heart attack. Thankfully, there were no cars, so he didn’t get hurt, but I knew I needed to get a trainer before he did. I am so thankful that I found Stacy. Cooper responded immediately to her techniques. In just a few weeks, by following her instructions with some really fun and easy work everyday, he was already walking perfectly on a leash and doing the basic sit, down, stay commands, and having a great time too! Now opening the door is no issue at all, in fact, I can leave it open and walk all the way to the mailbox and stand there, he will not come until I call him. Stacy not only helped to train my dog, she also taught me some really important things regarding discipline, attention span, how to introduce my dog to other dogs in a way that yields the best results…I joke with her that she actually trained ME, not the dog! Stacy knows her stuff – she is truly a professional. I have referred her to several other happy clients, and will certainly continue to refer her!”

Cindy G., Plano, TX

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