“I wanted to thank you for the excellent and amazing training you provided for me and my pug, and communicate some of my thoughts after our first set of training sessions. I hope once our household move is complete to continue on with the next set. The response from your training was literally instantaneous. I was impressed! The first lesson was the “proper” walking lesson, and you tackled the problems associated with that in no time … but I was not prepared for the difference it would make in all areas. Not just in obedience but in the way my dog was more attentive to me and our “relationship”. Not to sound silly, but it was like instant bonding for my dog and I. He now had an interest in what I was doing and how I responded to him, feeding even more on my praise or corrections as we walked. It carried through around the house and in everything we did. I don’t know if anyone can really imagine that after one session and learning to teach your dog to walk properly, that it will entirely change the relationship you have with your dog – for both of you – in a positive manner. And this comes from someone who didn’t have an out of control dog, just an average dog. Week by week we added the things we wanted to teach him, and now I can’t even remember what it was like with my dog before you arrived. He minds well, understands what I am asking of him, and he is so happy and anxious to do whatever I ask because it makes him happy to show that he can do things. It’s like he realizes he is communicating by responding to the words I speak. I am a do it yourself type person, but even after watching the dog training TV shows and reading the books it was amazing the amount we could accomplish in each weekly session. In just one hour each week my dog (and I) were taught 1 or 2 new things that were instantly put to work and instantly enhanced our lives. For example, when dealing with a dog it is amazing the control you regain in your life once your dog has learned “sit” or “down”. When learned properly, and time is added to it, you can now cook easily without your dog misbehaving, or read the paper and enjoy your coffee with your dog free at your side behaving himself. I would recommend you specifically because of your great positive and upbeat personality, down to earth and realistic approach, your true love of animals and dogs, and flexibility with the training sessions to focus on what is important to each individuals situation. After just 5 short weeks it is amazing how many compliments I get on my well behaved and attentive dog, and how much more I notice that most dogs are completely out of their owners control. It really hits home that dogs are like children, and that in both cases the ill mannered child/dog is the fault of the parent/owner. This investment in a 5 week training session will pay back for years; when looked at that way it amazes me how inexpensive the results really are. Thank you so much for your time and energy, it is appreciated on a daily basis.”

Cindy T., Plano, TX

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