We adopted a puppy (Honey) from the Collin County Humane Society in early March. We quickly realized that even though we are very experienced dog owners, we were in over our heads with this rambunctious puppy. We were referred to Stacy (Pawsitive Focus) through our vet’s office. We initially left a message for Stacy describing our situation and asking for help training our new puppy. We were very impressed when Stacy returned our call because she had paid such close attention to every detail left in the message (including the number of children and dogs in our household, as well as their ages!). Stacy began training our puppy (and more importantly, us) just a few days after our initial call. She immediately proved her value with a wealth of tips and tricks on how to deal with all the real-life scenarios we described about life with the new puppy. Her methodical approach to training made obvious sense once the sessions were underway – name recognition, body language, walking on a leash, boundaries, sit, come, etc. Each lesson built a foundation for the next. She even worked our kids into the training sessions by letting them get involved and showing them how to behave around the puppy to help curb the ‘bad’ behaviors. Each week, Stacy took the time to inquire how the previous week had gone and quickly addressed any issues we brought up. She also made herself available via email and phone for any ‘troubleshooting’ questions that arose in between scheduled lessons. Stacy has a very positive attitude and truly loves her work, which is reflected in her enthusiasm and energy. We would highly recommend her for any dog training needs you may have.

The Rossers, Plano, TX

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