“Recently I had the opportunity to hire Stacy as our dog trainer. I now understand why her reputation proceeds her. Stacy has a fun no non-sense approach. I have rarely seen fun and dog training used in the same sentence! Stacy explains the “mechanics” of each command. She tells you why it works and why other techniques won’t work with your dog specifically. She also knows most clients are training their companions; not champions. Her approach makes it easy for the novice and interesting for the more experienced. What I like most about Stacy’s training is allowing the children to participate. We learn as much by watching others as we do by doing things ourselves. By allowing children to partake in training classes, it enhances their ability to learn. Our dog Scooby is very large. Without Stacy’s excellent guidance I’m afraid he would be pulling us up and down the street during walks, jumping on and knocking over visitors, and creating chaos in our home! After our sessions with Stacy, I now feel more confident walking him. I’m not worried anymore Scooby will harm our guests! One of the more important skills we’ve gained from our training sessions is the ‘Scooby come’ command. He now does it every time. The kids or I can open the door without the fear of having Scooby run out and get hit by a car. I would recommend Stacy and Pawsitive Focus to anyone!”

Sara W., Jacksonville, NC

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