“We rescued Bella, a beautiful white boxer, shortly after losing our love Zoey a brindle boxer. We had never had a young dog. Though Bella was 2, she was young to us. Bella was full of love but needed structure, consistency and to understand our expectations. Being that I work with young children with many needs I thought I had this one down…boy was I wrong. Thanks to Stacy my husband and I have become just what Bella needs. We are so thankful for Stacy’s kind spirit and ability to help us become better parents to our Bella. Bella had great difficulty walking, suffered from separation anxiety, did not know commands and peed in the house. She also has problems with giving A LOT of kisses but we can handle that. Bella has really come a long way and with the skills Stacy taught us she will only continue to move in a Pawsitive direction for sure. Thank you Stacy…we all miss you!”

Kevin & Charity K., Jacksonville, NC

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