“Whoever said ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ hasn’t met Stacy of PAWSITIVE FOCUS. She is amazing and has done wonders with Shannon and Sportster (both of them are in the 9-12 yr range). One problem we had was them barking and not stopping. With Stacy’s magazine trick and a firm ‘ack’, they both have learned a little barking is ok, but now will stop when given the command. Another was getting out of the house without them following or trying to get out first. Stacy taught us how to set a boundary and give them the ‘stay back’ command. Within 1 session they were very comfortable with their new learned rule. Now they just stop at their boundary automatically. Another plus to this is that our cat Tigger has also learned to ‘stay back’!”

Jennifer H. and Pat N., Jacksonville, NC

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