“My puppy ‘Baby Macy’ came home at 6 wks old in which in the beginning she did everything ‘cute’! She ate cute, she had a little cute bark and even when she squatted to pee, it was cute! But at 4 months old she was no longer cute but a furry handful out of control! My Vet suggested a dog trainer for behavior control when she snapped at him during a visit so I called several trainers until I found Stacy with Pawsitive Focus. She came into my home and helped Macy be an obedient puppy that I can take on walks without her pulling the leash but most of all now she comes when being called outside the home…safety, safety, safety is what Stacy always says! During training, Stacy maintained a comfortable environment that facilitated learning which has helped me better communicate with Macy without me losing my temper. With her help my family now has a new four legged family member in our home that we absolutely love!”

Latonya, Pearland, TX

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