“We were so happy to have Stacy come and work with our 1.5 yr old German Shepard Mix, Red. While we had only had Red for a few months, we knew she needed some training and Stacy was the right person for Red and us humans too. Our first meeting, I was amazed at how Red was focused on Stacy and did everything she was asked. Stacy trained both Red and us on the specific goals we had. We were given the tools to work with Red, breaking each step down, so we could do them even without Stacy. Red totally mastered ‘Stay back’. Besides at home, it’s even used at doggie daycare when she initially rushed the gate. Stacy also helped us with Red’s pulling during walks. It’s great to see Red look at us, tongue out, during our walks. She’s able to enjoy walking. Overall, we were happy to have Stacy train Red. We like her positive techniques in training and now have a happy, calmer dog.”

Susan E., Pearland

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