“You should hire Pawsitive Focus because last night the training I invested in saved my puppy from running into our busy street. I went to take the last of our three dogs out but Scarlett thought she was still on her leash so she got confused and ran out the front door. I called her back and instead of running towards the highway like she did before her training, she came back. Our puppy is priceless and she was actually an expensive purchase as well so she is irreplaceable in every sense. It may seem obvious to teach a dog to come when you call her but our pup is half husky and very stubborn, and we needed help. Escaping became a dangerous game for our spunky pup and before Stacy worked with us we were terrified that the games would end up eventually getting her lost or hit by a car. Thank you Pawsitive Focus for making all the difference so we can finally relax and enjoy our dog!”

Laura N., Cedar Point, NC

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