Stacy Ramsdell, Professional In-Home Dog Trainer 910.333.4161

• Pawsitive Focus LLC – Basic/Advanced Safety Obedience and Non-Aggressive Manners Training, Therapy Dog Preparation. Started in TX 01/2007. Service Dog Training started 07/2011
• Pawsitive Focus DBA started in NC 09/2009
• Successful Completion of Apprenticeship August 2006-January 2007 – K-9 Achievers Inc. My techniques are different and use positive reinforcement.
• Associate of APDT – 1/2007-present
• Top Dog Events – Volunteer and Municipalities training and monthly events 2007-09
• Understudy for The Educated Dog – Aaron Stewart and he referred all obedience cases to me as he was a behavior/aggression trainer – sporadically 2008-09
• Raising Canine Webinars
o The Case for Dog Bite Hierarchies – presented by Cara Shannon, JD, CPDT-KA
June 22, 2010
o A Simple Functional Assessment – presented by Susan Smith, CPDT-KA, CDBC – January 16, 2013
o Dog- Owner Aggression – presented by Trish King, CPDT-KA, CDBC October 22, 2014
o Intro to Dogs & Oils: A Trainer’s Toolbox – presented by Liz Reyes – August 3, 2016
• Mentor for Animal Behavior College 09/2010-2011
• Semper Fi Fund Trainer 2011-2012; PCS to Houston
• Dr. Ian Dunbar Seminars with personal direction time
o Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling) in Raleigh, NC 10/30-11/1/2011
o Common Sense & Cutting Edge Concepts in Dog Training Seminar 10/25/2014
o Reliability & Games Internet Seminar 04-10/2016
o Growl Class – A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs 10/2016-present
o How To Overcome All Your Dog’s Frustrating Behavioral Issues Using ‘Simple-Science’ Dog Training 03/18
• Pets for Vet Trainer – Service Dog Training in Houston – some consultation visits. Following their protocol/testing. 06/2013-06/2014
• Give Us Paws Trainer – Service Dog Training in Houston. Following their protocol/testing 04/2014-05/2015
• Presentations to schools, dog parks; in association to the Parks & Recreation, and have helped educate and train dogs as part of Paws in the Park. Pearland, TX.
• Semper Fi Fund Trainer 2011-12; PCS to Houston & 08/2015-present
• Partnership with Compass (formerly PAWS Training Center) – Provide the Prep Program training for Service Dog Program to be certified. A 6 month commitment is necessary and yearly check-ups to ensure dog is up-to-date with their training. 09/2015-present
• ADPT Training
o TYDM: Socializing Your Puppy Right 01/2016
o Wild West of Service Dogs Webinar presented by Veronica Sanchez – June 19, 2017
• The Dog Gurus
o How to Teach Your Staff to Safely Supervise the Dog presented by Robin Bennett, Susan Briggs – February 25, 2016
• Mentor for Senior Project at Richlands High School. 03-05/2016
• Navigating the Wild West of Service Dogs presented by Veronica Sanchez 05/17
• Dog CPR, First Aid + Safety presented by Melanie Monteiro 06/17
• Service Dog Industry Secrets To Obedience presented by Chet Womach 02/18
• Dog Cancer Series presented by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker 03/18
• Real-Life Dog Training Results presented by Absolute Dogs 03/18
• The Truth About Pet Cancer presented by Ty Bollinger 04/18

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