“Stacy was such a huge help in training our 1 year old rescue puppy Emmet. When we brought him home, he suffered from separation anxiety, to the point where he destroyed his crate and was in danger of hurting himself. Stacy gave us very practical techniques to help him get comfortable going into his crate and leaving for longer periods of time. The progress we have seen is incredible. Another big area of concern was Emmet’s walking habits. He was very distracted by other animals and would pull hard, which was especially a concern for our children. Stacy again helped us teach Emmet how to keep his focus on us so we could direct his steps, not the other way around. We now have neighbors tell us how well-behaved and calm he is!

Stacy is very responsive with any questions or concerns we have, she would follow up with us after our sessions, and I love that she also spent time with our kids teaching them how to help in Emmet’s training. I would definitely recommend Pawsitive Focus. It will take commitment on your part too, but the results are so worth it!
Kristi M, Raleigh, NC
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